This retreat is perfect for you if you're longing to:

  1. Heal old hurts and parent wounds that hold you back
  2. Release stagnant energy and shed what no longer serves you
  3. Free yourself of anxiety and body tension so you can feel at peace in the present
  4. Enter the Silence of the Sacred Feminine to access your inner voice of Truth guiding you toward wholeness
  5. Embrace your Divine Masculine to activate your inner authority and liberate yourself from grief through rebirth
  6. Express yourself creatively so you can bring forth something new in your life and become your visions
  7. Be in community to feel the joy of connection with other open-hearted people like yourself
  8. Deeply connect with Mother Earth through the healing energy of Sacred Sites
  9. Reignite your inner light after loss, so you can regain your love for life and reclaim your joy

"I have found creativity in my life!" ~ Diane Johnston Viscio

Working with Jenn brought me out of an unmotivated state. I started moving more and I gained not only motivation and energy but a new sense of reliance and joy. Thank you Jenn for the deep opportunity to cultivate expansiveness in my mind, body, and spirit. What an opportunity! I was able to decrease my stress level, increase my strength and self-care and consider new perspectives. It has been so helpful in shifting my energy and moving different layers of my grief. I also found a deeper interest in the Ancestors. A new appreciation sparked in me around tapping into this connection and I look forward to exploring what else is revealed. I've garnered more joy and emotional grounding. I'm playing more with music and have new-found creativity in my life. I am so grateful. 


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Are you ready to embark on a transformative healing journey unlike any other? 


Imagine being transported to an ancient place of magic and wonder, a place with a deep history of healing and spiritual growth. Teotihuacan is not just any tourist or retreat destination but a Sacred Site that has touched the hearts and souls of so many generations past.


Here you can:


*Let go of heaviness that no longer serves you

*Shed the extra layers that have been holding you back from living your fullest life

*Tap into your inner magic and wonder - that then bring this new way of being back home with you!


You'll be guided by us as well as other healers who have walked this path before and who have experienced the transformative power of this magic and place firsthand.

Throughout this retreat, you'll be immersed in a variety of activities and experiences designed to open your heart and mind to new possibilities. You'll learn how to become your own healer, tapping into the wisdom and strength that lies within you.

And the best part?

You don't have to do this alone.


You'll be surrounded by a supportive community of fellow seekers, all on their own unique healing journeys.

Together, you'll create a powerful space for growth and transformation.

So why wait?

Tomorrow is never guaranteed.
Take the first step towards your own healing journey and join us today

for 7 nights and 6 days of healing from November 12th - 18th 2023.

It is our honor to be your guides,

Rev. Jenn Cormier & Rev. Karma Cloud


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You will fly into Mexico City to be whisked away to the quaint 10 room Villa Las Campanas in the charming historic village of San Sebastian Xolalpan that lies walking distance from the pyramids and sacred caves.

Here is an evening view of one of the Villa Guest Rooms:


All ten guest rooms are decorated with original art, have private bathrooms, closets, and fans.

Four upstairs rooms have private balconies, all rooms have access to a rooftop terrace and access to gardens. 


A view looking west at sunset from the rooftop deck:


A view looking east at the church across the village courtyard:

The Villa is run by husband and wife team, Emily and Victor.

We have been connected for over 11 years ~

Since my dad and I journeyed to the pyramids on his spiritual quest in Feb of 2012.

This is us in front of the Villa, November 15th, 2022 celebrating the 10th anniversary of my dad's passing.

The dining room is part of the original house, considered to be the oldest in the village

with stone walls, clay tile floors and a classic 'boveda' clay and wood beam ceiling.

The food is family style, and extraordinary.

Daily breakfast, comida and cena are included.

Delicious homemade meals are made fresh daily.

Vegetarian, gluten or dairy free needs can be met

in the most scrumptious way!

This sounds great! Book 15 minutes to chat with Jenn HERE


"It was brilliant!"

Working with Jenn provided me with ample tools to handle my every changing emotional state. I feel so much better equipped to deal! As I move along this journey with my grief, I have felt tired, grateful, restless, and like I need to learn the new landscape surrounding me. 

The revelations, practices, and reflections I learned brought me further along my path. Above all else, the safe bedding Jenn provided for us as a group felt like something I could sink into. I felt safe enough to fully receive the wisdom that was shared. It was brilliant!

~ Lewke Kirchner



Here's me and my Dad just outside the Teo Archeological Site on Feb 18th, 2012.

Gil was over 2 years into his stage 4 cancer journey - at this point you could see the tumors in his neck and belly. He turned that time into a true healing journey and was able to climb all the way up to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun!

It was truly a miracle.


Since the pandemic 
the government no longer lets you climb the pyramids
so now ....
Hot Air Balloons!


This is an optional Sunrise ride of a lifetime!

Imagine seeing the entire pyramid complex from an eagle eye view!

One the most breathtaking experiences of my life.


This retreat will be a outer and an inner healing journey.

We will bask in the glow of the highly sought out pilgrimage destinations -

the ancient pyramids .....

....and to the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City and Tepeyac Hill.
Where her venerated image is the number one most-visited Catholic shrine in the world,
and the world's third most-visited sacred site!


The energy here is indescribable - absolute liquid honey-light!


This walk up Tepeyac Hill was one of the most magical walks I've ever taken.


You will have the rare opportunity to experience
a traditional Mexican Temazcal Sweat Lodge
as well as a Rebirthing Ceremony with Mantra Medicine in the Sacred Caves.

You will walk out feeling nurtured and fully alive!


In addition to communal group activity, excursions  and ceremony there will be ample space for personal time,  self reflection, meditation and other forms of prayer or mindfulness.




"So much deep listening and compassion here"

My experience was engaging with so many favorite moments. The guest teachers were exceptional. The women who held this container modeled so much deep listening and compassion. This experience has opened up new thinking about how I am sharing my gifts with the world. ~ Angela



You'll have space to take all of the healing energy you've soaked in over the week and express it!

Emily Grieves will be leading you on an Intentional Creativity Journey
to integrate the magic of this Fall Retreat.

We will close the week honoring our newfound light, wisdom and joy
with a celebration dinner with local mariachi musicians!

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Meet Your Guides...

 Hello ~ My name is Jenn!

I help people of all spiritual backgrounds and belief systems transform loss and grief into joy. With over 20 years of experience in the Healing Arts, I gently guide my clients to heal and find purpose and clarity in their lives.

As the creator of the 'Walk Through Grief With Grace' Podcast and the founder of 'HEAL: A Yearlong Immersion Program', I've helped thousands of people overcome physical and emotional pain. My approach as a Somatic Healing Arts Practitioner is to help you be kinder to yourself, so you can feel good again and show up fully for your family and community. By honoring the Sacred in your life, you can live out your unique legacy.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or weighed down by loss, I want you to know that there is hope. Through my support, you can find lightness and peace, and learn to love fully again. I'll help you to honor your grief, be it fresh or very old, and move through it, so you can restore your trust in life, trust in yourself and courageously step into your next chapter with joy.

People often refer to me as a Ceremonial Artist because I bring beauty into dark places. In fact, my own experience with grief after my father's death in 2012 inspired me to become a devoted student of grief for a year. Through that journey, I discovered that grief can be a Wisdom Bringer and a Creative Collaborator, helping me to remember my purpose here on earth. That experience became one of the biggest gifts of my life.

Now it is my honor to support you in Teotihuacan, Mexico—as you reclaim your light, let go of any knots held in your body, and receive lasting healing during this powerful retreat week. Congratulations for taking this next step in your healing journey. 

With reverence,
Rev. Jenn Cormier

Greetings ~ My name is Karma!


I am a seasoned Mentor, Mother & Minister of MindfulMetamorphosis™.  I am here to help you remember your Reason for Being and to bring forth the beauty, power & purpose of your Life through Earth-based Spirituality, Art, Imagination, Music, Movement & Mindfulness. A firm believer that “the Process is the Purpose,” I joyfully guide Wisdom Seekers through their Creative Life Process of coming undone & becoming one.

I encourage all to acknowledge, accept & affirm every Life lesson and experience as sacred, meaningful & valuable in order to transform tribulation into triumph; death into rebirth. Through my Intermodal Expressive Arts practices of Creative Self Discovery, Mantra Medicine and Weaving Wisdom Within, I assist you in re-kinnecting to the Source within the Source of yourself and rekindling the desire to be.

With over 20 years experience as an Intermodal Artist, SongCatcher, Certified Art Educator, Birth Practitioner, Creative Life Coach, Consultant & Life Celebrant, I have provided  Life Psycle Support for hundreds of individuals, couples and families. I am committed to facilitating BIPOC centered Safe Spaces for Sustainable Self Care that are conducive to increasing one’s A.S.E.- Authentic SELF Empowerment.

I have collaborated with Rev. Jenn for the past 10 years and it is with great joy that I accept this invitation to embark on yet another journey of mythic proportions that is certain to be life affirming & life changing for us all. I look forward to supporting you on this metaphysical adventure back to the center of yourself, where “a source of Love, so deep, so strong, so gentle, ripples through your soul, restoring what was whole and returns you to your temple.”

Now is the time to reclaim your joy and rebirth yourself anew!



Rev. Karma Cloud

 Hi/ Lios enchim aniavu ~ My name is Angela! 


I am a writer, actor, and teaching artist from Southern Cali with roots in Sonora, Mexico and Bolivia of Yaqui and Quechua ancestry. I create art with a purpose, disrupt the status quo, spark dialogues, and create deeper connections within our human family for more understanding and peace. Warmest greetings in the Yaqui language– Lios enchim aniavu!


I am here to support you during your retreat journey as well as support the energy of our retreat with mindfulness and my sister/auntie magic. I will also hold space for creativity, play, and storytelling as I am a storyteller and a spark that ignites stories so they may glow and blaze in this world.   


With almost two decades of experience as a storyteller and theatre maker, I bring my training in crafting poetry, playwriting, acting, voice, dance, clowning, mask, puppetry, and Theatre of the Sphere. I am a member of Laguna Poets Workshop, Big Wave Poetry & Spoken Word, and a member and teaching artist at Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble. 


As a seasoned teaching artist, certified Reiki Master, and HealthRHYTHMS facilitator, I weave the healing arts into the expressive arts spaces. In the last 2 years I have been collaborating with Rev. Jenn on Dream Dancing for HEAL: A Yearlong Immersion Program. Dream Dancing provides a reset, it has become an essential practice in movement medicine for me that supports me in releasing heavy thoughts and energies. I am sure it will be one of my lifelong practices.   


The adventures and possibilities for expansion and joy await us in Mexico!


Don't ask yourself what the world needs.
Ask yourself what makes you come alive,
and go do that.....
because what the world needs
is people who have come alive.


~ Howard Thurman


 7 Night / 6 Day Inclusive Package includes:


  • Transportation to and from Mexico City International Airport to the Villa Las Campanas in San Sebastian Xolalpa 

  • All Healing and Ceremonial Guidance by Jenn Cormier, Karma Cloud & Guest Experts

  • 7 Nights accommodations at Villa Las Campanas (double occupancy)

  • All meals: breakfast, comida (mid-day meal) and cena (evening meal)
    from afternoon Sunday, November 12th through breakfast Saturday, November 18th 

  • All local transportation (Basilica in Mexico City, Pyramids, and Sites) 

  • All entrance fees into Pyramids, Basilica, and Sacred Caves 

  • Daily Group Circles to help integrate your experience and nurture your sense of belonging.  These may include: Sharing Circles, Hands on Healing, Mantra Medicine, Dream Dancing Circles

  • Intentional Creativity and Expressive Arts Workshops with our facilitators

  • Celebration Dinner with a Traditional Local Mariachi Musicians 

  • Re-Birthing Ceremony in Sacred Caves

  • Traditional Temazcal Sweat Lodge with local Elder Abeulo Alvaro

  • Personal Time for rest and reflection 

  • A Post Retreat Virtual Integration Session to support you in the transition back into your everyday life




Frequently Asked Questions:


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If you can't find a time this week that works for your schedule? Simply send Jenn and the team an email at [email protected] 
with RETREAT in the title and we'll be happy find a time to answer any additional questions you may have.


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"Yes, I AM READY to

reclaim my joy and pack my bags!"



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